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    The BIGGEST AND MOST POPULAR Hispanic Radio Station in the UNITED STATES is called "La Campesina"  It advertises itself to millions of radio listeners as “La Campesina” on a DAILY basis!!!

    The domain name has no legal association with the radio station but it enjoys and indirectly benefits of free advertisement thanks to the radio broadcasters.  The name "La Campesina" has become so popular throughout the world because Hispanic people associate the name to Mr. Cesar Chavez who founded the radio station and called it "La Campesina" ( with the article "La" in front of Campesina ).  Spanish grammar demands that the article "La"  be in front of Campesina.  Mr. Chavez did NOT name the radio station just "Campesina".

    In honoring the memory of Mr. Cesar Chavez the President of the United States Joseph Biden placed a copper bust sculpture of Mr. Cesar Chavez in the Oval Office which also contains the portraits of past United States Presidents.  As a young man Mr. Cesar Chavez visited many places while addressing the injustices against the farm workers, those places have now become historical monuments.   There is no doubt that in due time the name "La Campesina" ( and therefore the domain name ) will be given a special designation here in the United States. 

La Campesina means in Spanish: a female farm laborer / female that works on the fields / female peasant / female farm worker. All of these definitions are symbolic to Hispanics. People from throughout Latin America identify with La Campesina for most of them had ancestors that worked on the fields.  For  Hispanics in the United States La Campesina is a highly recognizable symbol for hope and determination.

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