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This easy to recognize name is always associated with the BIGGEST AND MOST POPULAR Hispanic Radio Station in the UNITED STATES that advertises itself to millions of radio listeners as “La Campesina” on a DAILY basis!!! ….. so this domain name gets free advertisement and it is already recognized throughout the world!!!

The radio station “La Campesina” was founded by Mr. Cesar Chavez an iconic figure in the United States who also founded the United Farm Workers Foundation. Hospitals, schools, major streets, a navy ship, Holiday, etc have been named after Mr. Cesar Chavez in the United States. When people speak about Mr. Cesar Chavez they also speak about La Campesina!!! 

La Campesina means in Spanish: a female farm laborer / female that works on the fields / female peasant. All of these definitions are symbolic to Hispanics. People from throughout Latin America identify with La Campesina for most of them had ancestors that worked on the fields.

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